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USA Recycling Services is open to the public

Bring us anything as long as it’s not toxic or hazardous waste, anything from cleaning out your basement, renovating your home, we will sort through it and recycled everything properly.

At no charge we will set your office, school, facility or home a recycling program that best fits your needs.

Keep in mind that, if we were to sift through the tons of garbage which we produce every year, we would find that much of it involves paper in one form of another; newspaper, magazines, cardboard boxes, office trash and packing materials. Other common items are glass bottles, aluminum cans, steel, plastics, yard clippings and food waste. On a average garbage container 42.1% of paper that you are paying to dispose of ,you can disposal at no cost and recycle at the same time. 25.1% of plastics, metal and glass that you are paying to be dispose of can also be recycled. That is almost 75% of waste that you are paying to dispose of and is going into the waste stream line! Not only will you cut your disposal costs BUT you will be recycling and making our environment a better place for the people that we love the most.

Items we will accept (for more detailed items look at What we accept on the main menu);

  • Accepting all E-waste
  • All grades of plastics
  • We will take all metals at no charge
  • All types of Garbage

  • Paper
  • BOATS & Campers
  • RR Ties
  • All C&D (construction debris) debris
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